John Regala humingi ng tawad kay Raffy Tulfo

Photo from Raffy Tulfo in Action

The veteran actor, who has liver cirrhosis, apologized to Raffy for being a burden to him and for being involved in the controversy with his celebrity friends.

 His celebrity friends recently announced that they have decided to no longer provide assistance to John, who has liver cirrhosis, due to the latter’s uncooperative behavior regarding his medical treatment. 

He explained to Raffy that the reason he wanted to leave the hospital even if the doctors wanted him to stay was because the hospital bill kept on increasing every day. 

As for Raffy, he assured John that he will continue to assist him and that he understands if he is being uncooperative as a patient. 

Raffy explained that a few of his loved ones, including his father, were also uncooperative and stubborn when they were suffering from severe illnesses.

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