How to Start a Vlog on YouTube 2020

Want to become a vlogger? Learn how to start a vlog? Start your own YouTube vlogging channel?

If so, then check out all this great information we have for those planning on becoming vloggers, youtubers, and for those who are still deciding. 

These tips are created to show you everything you need to know from starting a YouTube channel.
Follow this guide as you start a YouTube channel, to help you get started in the right direction!

Step 1: Start With a Good Vlogging Camera

You can start off with any device that has the ability to record a video such as a smartphone, tablet or the webcam of your laptop as longs as your video is a High Definition output.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Channel

Now that you have a vlogging camera you need a place to publish your videos. Just go to and Create your Youtube Channel Account
To start creating your YouTube vlogging channel head on over to

Step 3: Film a Vlog

Now it’s time to actually start vlogging. If you don’t know what to vlog about, you can film what you do, like your everyday activities, record your hobbies, what’s on your mind, do some challenges or anything else that give entertainment to the viewers.

These are top Channel Ideas you can pick.

Profitable Youtube Channel Idea

Step 4: Edit Your Video

Your vlog  must look more professional you should edit the videos you have recorded and cut out anything that is not important. There are a lot of free (and paid).

Want to find the perfect editing software?
Use this best editing software guide.

 Step 5: Upload Your Video  to YouTube

If all is done it’s time to upload it to youtube. Navigate to YouTube and click on the ‘upload’ button in the top right corner.

Want to find the perfect application to download youtube video for FREE?

Step 6: Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Now that your vlog is on youtube you should promote it. The easiest way to do this is on social media. Share your vlogs via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social networks you’re active on.

Step 7: Keep Going! Don’t Stop

At first Your vlog will probably not have thousands of views but don’t let that stop you. Set a schedule for how often you want to upload new vlogs and stick with that schedule no matter what.
Keep networking with other vloggers or youtubers and people on social media so that you can ask with them for your questions or tips. That way your youtube channel will grow a lot faster.

Step 8: Monetize it.

Once your subscriber base grows and you start getting more views it’s time to make some money of your vlogs. Apply to the Youtube Partnership Program so you can start earning money off ads shown before or during your videos. Beware: There are rules and Guidelines you must follow in Youtube so that you don’t get Banned.

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