Best YouTube Channels For Programmers to Learn Programming in 20

Best YouTube Channels For Programmers to Learn Programming
If you want to be a programmer, you have to focus a lot more on self-study and practice rather than sitting in a boring lecture for hours. If you have an active internet connection and a PC or smartphone, you are all set to learn programming on your own through Youtube.

Best YouTube Channels for Programming

There are various channels on YouTube where a person can learn programming for free. These channels are mentioned below.


Pluralsight is probably the one which offers certification courses. In case the user feels impressed with the basic course on YouTube, he or she can sign up for the complete course on their website.


Treehouse youtube channel has more than 350 videos that provide knowledge about the PHP, javascript. Python, CSS, swift, and C++. These videos try to make it easy to learn without any complications or complex strategies.

Google Developers

The Google Developers channel, offers lessons, talks, the latest news & best practices. Learn Android, Chrome, Polymer, Performance, iOS, Web Development & more! is a channel which is dedicated to creating videos solely on web development. The channel provides videos on topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS, Layout, Responsive Design, Dev Ops, etc.

Code Course

Codecourse youtube channel offers various courses which range from being basic to advanced in nature. The courses on his channel include JavaScript breakout game creation, Lavarel, Real-time chat using the command line, PHP, tips for writing cleaner code, building a shopping cart using PHP and various such other concepts.

LevelUp Tuts

LevelUp Tuts is a channel on YouTube with a story. It was set up back in the March of 2012 by Scott Tollinski & Ben Schaaf while working together at Q Ltd. The channel continues to make videos completely dedicated to web development. There are various platforms upon which the channel makes videos on such as Drupal, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, React, etc.


thenewboston is another channel which helps beginners to get access to programming knowledge for free. It has various courses relating to various genres of programming. It has Angular 2, Flask, ReactJS, CSS, etc for individuals interested in web development. For command line programming enthusiasts it has Linux tutorials, GUI development using Python, a Windows Command Line course, etc. The channel also contains various videos which give an insight into various programming languages such as C, R, C++, HTML, Ruby, Java, etc.
And the best youtube channel for you is…

It really depends on your interests. Find out which will help you to learn to programme.

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