How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 without Product Key Free 2019

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the leading word processors in the world. However, most average users cannot afford the software. Luckily, you can find a free genuine Microsoft Office 2016 product key online.

A Microsoft Office 2016 product key activates the software to its premium version.

The premium or paid version gives you access to all the editions of Office 2016. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

In this post, you will find working Microsoft Office 2016 product keys and learn how to activate the software with and without product keys

Supported products:
– Microsoft Office Standard 2016
– Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 without Product Key Free 2019

Step 1:  You copy the following code into a new text document.
To Copy the Code Click Here
Then you create a new text document.
Step 2: You paste the code into the text file. Then you choose “Save As” to save it as a batch file (named “1click.cmd”).
Note : IF you use windows 10, you save it as .bat (named “1click.bat”)

Step 3: Run the batch file as administrator.

Check the activation status again.

You can watch this video to know how to activate Microsoft Office 2016 without product key 2019

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