How to Write a Better Blog Headlines

If you’re a Blog writer a good headline is hard to define. But you know it when you see it — because you click. With billions of articles being shared every day, headlines are more important than ever. That’s why we talked a  practical tips on writing better blog headlines.
Be accurate.
When I’m browsing the web, I want headlines that most accurately tell the story I’m about to read. I don’t have time to guess content .
Often, your headline is your one shot to say what you need to say. So say it.
“A good headline is simple and makes it clear what blog post is all about — right from the first. When readers see a headline they have an idea about the article, and the best thing writers can do it to meet those expectations.”

Don’t traffic in clickbait.
“Simply tell them that a story is particularly interesting, that’s where trust comes into the equation. In order the readers to trust you when you tell them something is worth a read. So never try to get a click under false pretenses.”

Keep it short.
A good headline is a short headline. Aim for somewhere between six and nine words.

Timing is everything.
“Believe it or not, the perfect headline is less about wording and more about timing. If you want clicks and email newsletter opens, nothing beats a headline that matches what people are talking about and thinking about at that moment. Stories have momentum. If you can catch the momentum with your headline, you’re good.”

Be specific.
When writing a blog headline, focuses on including specific words or phrases that are relevant to the audience. That’s words like “usability,” or “flat design.” However, I warn you to avoid complicated jargon that isolates readers.
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