How to Identify if a Project is a Scam on Freelancer

Freelancing covers a wide range of industries and skills, but one thing holds true across all of them: scammers are everywhere looking to take advantage of eager freelancers hoping to earn money from home.

Scammers are not only targeting you via emails or suspicious ads, but they are also common on and other freelancing marketplaces. If you are not cautious, it is easy to fall prey to scams on Freelancer especially if you are a newbie.

One of the reasons why most people don’t believe in earning money online is because of scammers.
Because of scammers, the reputation of outsourcing sites like Freelancer, Elance, and oDesk get stained. Some just give up on working because they are repeatedly cheated by their employers. No one can blame them, they’re the victims of this hideous crime.
Here are some helpful tips and signs which you can do to avoid scammers on

Easy Project posted with high payment

In this image, you can see that the project was so easy and anyone can complete the task. In order for you to Identify if the employer is a scammer, you have to see his reviews.

User Profile is not yet verified and no Picture

User Profile no review and ZERO ratings.

Newly Registered and in that day it started posting a project.

They will message you privately after you bid for the project.

Communicating outside the website

Giving suspicious instruction on how to start the task

Giving suspicious instruction on how to start the task

  • Make the payment into the given perfect money a/c or the credit card.
  • After that just send us the screenshot.
  • You will get your work within 1-2 hours after your payment.
  • After submission of the first lot, the next lot will be given instantly.
  • If the Typist wants to take the break in between, he/she will inform through email.
  • Payment will be given to the bank a/c or Skrill a/c of the Typist within 24 hours after the work submission.


As a freelancer myself, I’ve seen my fair share of scams targeting freelancers. From job postings that are clearly fraudulent, to someone who actually tried to convince me to work with him, I’ve had to navigate the sometimes risky world of freelancing in order to make a living in the gig economy.

I have been scammed a lot of times already. One time I made 10 articles of 500 words each and the rate was $3 each. I finished them all within 24 hours and submitted it. The employer never replied. There was no milestone either. And the employer doesn’t have any reviews until now but he has a lot of closed projects. I wonder who he’s scamming now.
Use your instincts. Even though it’s only written conversation and what the employer wants to say can be rehearsed, try to feel his/her intentions. Never be afraid to make a mistake and be swindled. Mistakes are good for learning.
Thanks for reading! Hope you have a scam-free day!

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