How to Download YouTube Videos: 4 Simple Ways

Millions of people are using YouTube to watch videos for entertainment and information. YouTube was designed for users to watch videos, but also to share videos. Millions of YouTuber users are publishing and sharing content around the world. It is a lot easier to download YouTube videos that you think. This article will discuss how you can download YouTube videos on your computer.

In order to download YouTube videos, there is a service that you can utilize. It’s a service called “Televzr.” This app is free and  can download high-quality videos.

Here are four ways to download YouTube videos.

Step One:  Download the Televzr Application
How to Download YouTube Videos
Visit the Televzr Downloader site, and click on the button that says “Download for Windows” or Download App for Mobile users.  This will begin installing the Televzr Video Downloader. When the installation has finished, execute the downloader to get the app installed on your computer.

Step Two: Copy the YouTube Video’s URL

This step takes you to the YouTube video.
Go to the video that you want to download, and highlight the URL.
Copy it from the address bar at the top of the browsing window.

Step three: Open the Televzr Downloader and Paste the Youtube URL Video you want to Download.

You need to have your Televzr Video Downloader open. When it’s open Then, you will paste in the URL in and Televzr Downloader and Hit the “DOWNLOAD” Button.

Step four: Downloading Your Video

Once you have clicked to begin downloading your video, you will wait until the download process is complete.

Good luck with your video downloads, and be sure to abide by the various legal policies in regards to video downloading and sharing.

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