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Why Starting a Blog is Still a Good Idea

Starting a Blog is Still a Good Idea
Forget the “build a business” aspects for now.
Blogging is an amazing way to improve your writing, explore areas of interest, learn the basics of website management and SEO, and — perhaps most importantly, develop clarity of thinking.
Specifically, blogging develops this skills:

Improves your writing skills 
Most people cannot write well. By committing to a blog and sticking with it for at least 6–8 months, your writing will improve. The practice of writing blog posts — and the added pressure of making them public — is the practice of an invaluable craft.

Teaches website management 
No matter what platform you use publishing blog posts will force you to learn the basics of back-end website management and SEO — perhaps even HTML and social media marketing as well.

Improves your analytical skills 
Writing blog posts require you to clearly organize your thoughts, write persuasively and edit ruthlessly — these are skills that spill over beyond mere writing into other areas of thinking and analysis.

Builds a portfolio 
At the end of the day, you own the content of your blog — no publication or platform can change their algorithm or delete your posts.
Blogs provide ways for you to not only express your thoughts and (potentially) build an audience, but also build a portfolio of original work at your pace and on your terms.

Keeps you current 
 No matter how passionate you think you are about a certain subject, there will be days (and even weeks) when you aren’t inspired to write. Here’s where the habit and consistency of blogging kicks in — it will force you to read more and keep current in your topic so you have ideas for additional posts.

 I think you should start a blog. Play with it, commit to it. In a year, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve built.
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