Free Online Video Editors and Animation Tools

Free Online Video Editors and Animation Tools
Have you been delaying the decision to invest in video for your business?
If so, I have good news for you: There are several free online video editors that takes almost all the work out of video creation.
In fact, many of these editing programs supply pre-made animations and stock footage. So you can produce an entire video without ever picking up a camera. And since these services run in the cloud, you don’t have to download or install anything beyond a web browser.
Here are a few of such tools that I’ve personally tried and recommend. I’ll update this post periodically as I aim to provide the most accurate information.
By the way: For most of the websites on this list, “free” means “we’ll watermark your videos and limit your downloads to lower resolutions to encourage you to upgrade plans.”


Taking the heavy lifting out of motion design, Animaker allows you to adapt existing characters, props, animations, and other elements to craft truly customized scenes.
Under the free plan, you’ll be able to:
  • Create up to five two minutes-long videos per month
  • Polish your videos with background music and sound effects
  • Import your own audio and images
  • Customize text and colors
  • Export 480p video to Facebook and YouTube (direct downloads require a paid plan)

Striving to be an “all-in-one design platform,” Renderforest might be the most versatile service on this list. It provides tools that can help you create everything from animated logo intros to websites.
Its free plan is rather generous, too. After all, you can:
  • Create unlimited videos up to three minutes long
  • Enjoy 500MB of cloud storage
  • Choose from an array of flexible templates and styles
  • Select one of five background tracks (or upload one of mine)
  • Publish to Facebook or YouTube
  • Export at 360p resolution
And the best video editor app for you is…
It really depends on your interests. But don’t be afraid to experiment with a few and find out which will help you earn the most money. Every peso counts when you’re planning to achieve your dream, and what better way to start than now. 

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