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How to start Online Work in Philippines?

How to start Online Work in Philippines
Are you thinking of buying your wants or achieving your dreams, you wanted to travel in other countries? but you’re low on cash?
Here’s the quick solutions: Sign up for online job marketplaces, build a solid profile and portfolio, start looking for work that suits you, craft and send strong cover letters and proposals, do an outstanding job once you get the project.
Working in an online may help you earn the extra money you need so you can save up for your dream. Indeed, more Filipinos are venturing into working online because it offers more opportunities to earn. The best thing about it is that they don’t need to put up with the harrowing commute, overbearing bosses, and other unfortunate mishaps on the road.
We’ve gathered up some of the sites which may help you in your search for an online job. Most of these are homegrown companies based in the Philippines; while others are from abroad that have a strong presence in the country.

Virtual Staff Finder


In the outsourcing business, Virtual Staff Finder is the go-to place for hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines. It is the brainchild of Chris Ducker, also known as the “Virtual CEO,” who believes that having virtual employees helps get more tasks done and gives employers more time to balance their work and personal life.

Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker specializes in recruiting cost-effective, full-time and part-time professionals, who work remotely from the Philippines. 
They offer alongside the opportunities to work with international clients from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and UK right from your own home. As part of their team, you’ll be able to achieve career growth, reach your potential, and get a competitive pay without the burdens of commuting through traffic and withstanding grueling weathers.

OnlineJobs ph

Is a Filipino job board that caters exclusively to remote online work opportunities. … In a relatively short amount of time, has attracted a large user-base of both virtual assistants and employers.
They hired Filipino worker since January 2006.
They ease people’s burdens by connecting employers who need help with workers who need jobs. We work hard to put trust into the outsourcing experience for everyone. is the local part of, one of the largest global freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace today. It gives options for employers to find a specific freelancer they need or posts projects, while freelancers can choose from over thousands of job ads. Because this site is localized, it lets you search for jobs online and check out the cost based on the Philippine currency.

Hubstaff Talent

It is completely free – it has no markups and fees for both freelancers and business owners. Freelancers need only to sign up for a profile so business owners can easily search them based on skill, location or category, and then quickly build a remote team for their business. Hubstaff Talent has thousands of remote startups, software companies, agencies and e-commerce businesses that are looking for top quality talents and freelancers every single day.
And the best site for you is…
It really depends on your interests. But don’t be afraid to experiment with a few and find out which will help you earn the most money. Every peso counts when you’re planning to achieve your dream, and what better way to start than now. 

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